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The Bryan Company is invested in your company’s ability to offer employee benefits. Employee Benefits are used for Recruiting and Retaining quality employees, and if properly installed, they have strong tax advantages to both the employee and the employer. We are a local company dedicated to helping your business implement a strong employee benefits platform indicative of your company’s industry. Every industry is unique.

The Bryan Company Promise

No one wants to call the insurance carrier. But we will. We know that the quickest way to resolve a problem is to work straight through it. We work diligently to maintain excellent relationships with the carriers we represent. Our clients rely on it.


  • Employee Enrollments, Changes, and Terminations
  • State Continuation / COBRA Administration
  • Replacement ID cards
  • Employee Benefit Meetings
  • Employee Enrollment Meetings
  • SPD and Wrap Documents for DOL Compliance
  • Payroll, Time and Attendance, and Benefit Administration Systems including ACA Tracking


  • A dedicated customer service person for your Group Administrator and Employees
  • Employers and Employees may call their representative with Benefit Questions
  • Insured Members may call their representative for Claims Assistance

Our goal is to keep the claims questions off your desk. Let us make the calls. You have work to do.


Annual Renewal Support – We do not let your policy “just renew”. It is a renewal contract. We want to meet with you, discuss the renewal, provide alternate options, and answer your questions. Renewal meetings generally include:

  • Annual presentation of alternative carriers and benefit options
  • Discussion of your company’s updated business goals and strategies
  • Updates on carriers and the latest trends in managing employee benefits
  • Options for enhancing benefits and/or tax advantages
  • Options for reducing renewal costs
  • Health Reimbursement Account - Utilization Report – review and analysis
  • Self-funded - Claims Reserve review and analysis