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Why the Bryan Company?

No single benefits package fits all employer's needs. Who will take the time learn your business, ask questions, and present customized solutions for your company's employee benefits? We will.

The Bryan Company's goal is to assist your company in recruiting and retaining employees within your industry, while staying within your company's budget. In determining how to best assist our clients, we ask questions and listen to your answers. The Bryan Company places great value in bringing multiple carriers and products to your boardroom. Employee Benefits come in all shapes and sizes. No one size fits all.

Who is The Bryan Company, LLC?

A Charleston, South Carolina based agency with two principals: Billy and Anita Bryan. The Bryan Company has been working in health insurance industry since 1998. They specialize in employee benefits and individual insurance to meet the needs of their clients.

The Bryan Company brings knowledge of the ever-changing political and tax landscape of employee benefits directly to you. They specialize in understanding carrier contracts, benefits, and claims procedures. They strive to relay complex and detailed information in a manner that clients and their employees will understand. Working together with their business partners as a team, The Bryan Company's clients have remarkable access to people who can help navigate through the complex waters of Health Insurance and Employee Benefits.

Anita Bryan

Anita is a former Human Resources manager who has sat on the buyer's side of the desk. She has participated in the meetings comparing carriers, networks, plan designs and costs. In that role that she learned the value of an independent agent who works for the employer – not for an insurance company. As an independent agent, Anita sees herself as a mentor for the business owner, CFO, and the group administrator. Bringing a consultant's knowledge to their desk, and applying that knowledge to achieve the goals of the employer. Anita enjoys educating clients so there are no surprises. In insurance, no one likes surprises.


Billy started his career in nonprofit administration, education and coaching. In 2000 he moved into the field of employee benefits and began helping employers manage the benefit plans for their employees.

For much of my life I've enjoyed and have been involved in some kind of athletics. With my background in sports I genuinely value the team approach we use to help our clients. The Affordable Care Act has certainly made managing benefits more complex, but with that complexity has come new solutions. Working together we are able to succeed in finding those new solutions and provide the value our clients expect.